In her arms

She leaves you alone..
As the season changes from one..
These empty corridors will

How much should we all
To raise your hand and say

You were the chosen one ?
What do you need ?
For a moment comes, which comes
but rarely in history,
when we step out from the old to the new,
when an age ends, and when the
soul , long suppressed,
finds utterance

And to find you had
died in her arms tonight.

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Street Lamps


People these days are in the news
And for you to understand all of history
To think it taught you nothing till today
Like broken street lamps
Bombed in WWII and forgotten
But left standing there

Though we never saw eye to eye
Least we forget the sacrifies of other before
To remind ourself of this freedom
And this dangeous precinct you are getting us into
You are not going to take
Everthing you staged and fake
To your place in the grave
Least you be remembered by

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Gary Oldman = Sam Rockwell = Oscar!



The world is end now as the underdog have won !


Scene changes
And for 30 silver 
In the dark of the night
Murky the river
A betrayal changes course
A game of cat and mouse
Comes to an end
Write it down and send it across
Let them raise their hands if it matters
Tell the story
Before it comes to an end.
Of all the corpses floating in the river
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
This cycle of life and death

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White World

Membrane, you permeate and slide
Smoke and Form , you stand and look
At the white world around
You call out
Someone answers, could this be ?
Welcome to the grey area!
The upper level
Stay for a while
You can leave the way you came
Just focus and hum.
You were never there
Never inside your head
Hear me.
It kept expanding
White World.

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Mystery on the World Stage.

 All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. — William Shakespeare’s As You Like It


Zoom in planet earth.
Enhance Enhance….
Cloudy Green Technicolor Birth.
You drop down , mere thought of being there,
Observer and there
Tear , Tear and what do you find
At the end of the universe
It grew beyond and overflowed
And you steped into another one
And later back
To the mystery of the world stage
Strange pattern repeating itself
Again Again and Again.

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Death n debt….

He met and smiled….
Returned part of a debt he owned….
Head to the left….
Vision field of view
Who knows maybe
Your dead inside your head…
Just like a TV buzzing static after midnight….
A drone,a pawn,a clone
Death n debt….
Till he returns the rest….
Will he smile and meet…
Head to the right…
Vision blank…

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