August Sun

Through the narrow alleyway out into the august sun…
This place hasn’t changed since your life begun….
Wind hits your face and you see…
Those dancing vapors beyond..
You try to think….
Could this be the missing link….

But the more you turn…
The more you burn…
As you turn to dust and blow across the august sun…

The dusty roads , a scattered sky , reminiscence….
Of countless souls that passed by…
Some those who left without saying goodbye…
Some you could not see……
Buried in the ground, dust to dust , ashes to ashes…

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come home again

you rung around the stars
and slide across the sky
travelled across the universe
and now you smile
come home again
and hold my hand
let us dance on the rainbow
glide across the hills
with nothing much before
out in the village of our dreams
let us be as one
looking up to the moutains
and in the night the milkyway
across a dark expanse of stars
come home again
you travelled so far
and now its time
to see
to reach out and hold my hand
and take me up and away
across the sky
into the milky way…

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– cosmos –

this thought
empty grid lines in space
discover them at the end of the world
in your head
fly away to another place
sit at the edge of the waters on a beach
distant distant this summer heat
warm watching the sun
you vaporize
in your head
every body who close there eyes
to find

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de fi an ce

will the dead ever talk to u
from beyond their grave
are they willing to
do they want to
what stories to be told
what to remember
how it was when u where young
crowed streets

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Stranger in Paradise


You don’t know
How to step on the silence
And not to make a sound
As you stroll through the mansions of your mind
A stranger in paradise
Its all dark glassy
A thing of color there or two

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Happy Birthday – 90

We switched to FireFox…
We condemned Bush and the wars
And now we got this far….
Are we there yet…?
Back…Back to the future…
Put a foot in the door…
We cracked open a 7up…and drank looking at the stars…
Prayers never answered..
Those walls still stand somewhere..
When other came down long ago…
This feeding on fear ….
Clear the dust away…
And this year…
All our heros died…
Look at this debauchery…
Happy Birthday…
Everyone Says ‘Hi’

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The Future Man

In Memoriam Alvin Toffler, (October 4, 1928 – June 27, 2016)


The idles of march,
The summers of june,
The rains and the monsoon.
Takes away a soul too soon,

To gods own country.

And we return to the future
That we left in past
My heart is full
Oh Future Man Oh Future Man
Where did you run to ?

Condesent frozen somewhere in time
The moments and the trials of your life
The thoughts that brushed through the windmills of your mind
And the waves that washed a shore
What happend and what is to

Hope it was all fine
Life now a distant dream
And thank you for all those advices you put in
Those crucibles that shaped the way…
As we set sail on that wave..

And we return to the future
That we left in past
My heart is full
Oh Future Man Oh Future Man
Where did you run to ?

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