Chicane feat. Senadee – No More I Sleep

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Hanged Some Gun


Hanged some gun over shoulder
Counted over 300 bullets left
Need to unload them over Babylon
As they fall on the summer earth,
The blood dried fast,
Does this mean something ?
This killing?
Does your memories say anything of this?
That someone promised you this or that?
When you blow yourself out?
Its all in your head and now.
The sun burns and burns for all time
But you don’t see.
The hoards and the legions.
The ghosts and the ghouls
Counted over 200 bullets left for someone to bleed.

The End



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Selling dreams

And as you walked back inside
Dusk had fallen and the sky had darkened
Time would pass until it would be over
This was not how it was to be
Like a child trying to reach out with its hands
Like the ship setting sail to some foreign land
You end up with this briefcase standing there
Selling dreams

Its all there and its still the same
All just like you left it in the corner
Each night the stars look the same in the clear sky
If you look and see, does it make a difference
From where you are and where you being and where you come back to
Nothing can happen
When you dance on the lines
In your dreams


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Roman Empire

You stood up on that hill across the plain
This is not like something you can explain

When you hold it out and see across the hill
This is all he gave to you and there are no borders that you see
The game is all yours to kill
And no one now stands in your way now
You have fallen to the ground
You have gone back to the stars
And you are twins a apart, your beating heart
You Shout across that plain
Come all yee battered by the flames
Come and join the Roman Empire
And let your souls be kindled by the fires
Of the new empire


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Pivot of my desire.

you dance across the edge of my dreams
you walk across the shore of my musings
you are the mirage of my fall
you are the ghost across the hall
the highest flame in the fire
as I  spin and spin and spin
in the pivot of my desires
and come crashing to the ground
with stars above my head
in the dark sky
things will never change
across the expanse of time and space
in this hunt i tire
surrounded by the pivot of my  desire

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narrow vision

you let your imagination run wild
through heaven and hell
and here you are with your head
on your body
but there are 40 odd or more with their heads blown out
cause someone told someone
that they will go to heaven and the 40 they killed will go to hell
wake up and clean the blood off the streets
nothing happens if your brain doesn’t register

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Roses for your loved one

This desert ends with the blue sky
As the feet meet the sand
And to the sea you go marching bye
Raised hands and protests shattered
Killed your loved once this civil war
Where people and people fight
Over power and ideology
While a million children are homeless and lost
To feed the hunger is a crime
The toil of your sweat never mattered
See those young orphans stand
Outside in the burning sun
Selling roses for your loved one
Your helping hand cannot undo
The damage done
Clinging on to power
You don’t understand
Each breath you take
One must die
For your tyranny
Step out into the sun
And let yourself too
Be in the shadow of gun.

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